Introductory Courses

Intro to Buddhism

March 4 – April 1, 2020
Wednesday evenings, 7-9 pm

Buddhist teachings offer a transformative understanding of our lives and our minds. The Buddhist path means developing the mind and opening to life with kindness, courage and full awareness. By looking closely at the ways we interpret our experience of ourselves and the world, we set the stage for developing a deeper happiness that is sustainable in today’s world. Join us as we explore these teachings in this 5-week class that includes discussion and reflection.

Suitable for adult newcomers. Sliding scale registration fee $75 – $100. Please pay what you can afford within the range or email us to arrange a lower rate if needed.

Register by emailing us at:  and make a non-refundable deposit of $25 through PayPal.

“One might think that when someone has traveled along the same old rut for decades, it is too late. But that is a great mistake. If you find the right sort of encouragement and the right sort of conditions, you can change at any time of your life.”  -Sangharakshita

What You’ll Learn

Core Principles of Buddhism

Study the life and teachings of the Buddha who lived and taught around 2500 years ago. We read, study, and discuss a variety of readings from the Buddha and many other Buddhist teachers. Learn practical applications of core Buddhist teachings directly relevant to improving your life today.

Mindfulness of Breathing

The mindfulness of breathing practice is simple and deeply transformative. Using the sensations of breathing to ground awareness in the body, we are able to meet the stresses of everyday life with more kindness, clarity and stability.

Metta Bhavana

The metta bhavana, or cultivation of loving kindness, is a powerful meditation practice that teaches how to bring a friendly, kind, curious attention to ourselves and to other people, and to whatever arises in our experience, softening harsh self-criticism and judgment and bringing a sense of ease and openness to our participation in the world.