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Break out of busyness

A retreat (whether residential, full day or half-day) is a rare opportunity to step away from the busyness of modern life in order to deepen meditation, cultivate mindfulness, learn about Buddhism, and strengthen friendships.

Those who go on retreat regularly find qualities of calm, energy, resilience and creativity pervading the rest of their lives, and find their spiritual practice naturally deepening. While all are welcome, meditation experience is highly recommended.

Weekly meditation with instruction is open to all and available on Thursday evenings at the Center. 

Upcoming Retreats

No events currently scheduled.

Benefits of Retreat

Undistracted Attention

Turn off your phone, enjoy natural beauty and be present with yourself and the moment.

Practice Intensives

Deepen your practice with extended periods of silence and reflection, meditation and group study. 

Spiritual Friendship

Foster meaningful friendships through spending with others pursuing the same spiritual path.

Day Retreats

Throughout the year, Seattle Buddhist Center hosts full-day retreats with an hour for a shared vegetarian lunch.

If you have special dietary needs, it’s fine if you prefer to bring your own food rather than an item to share.

The schedule varies depending on the topic, and will generally include meditation, talks, and discussion. 

Offerings ("dana")

You’ll be invited to make a donation toward supporting the retreat leaders, all of whom volunteer their time to teach. This is optional. The tradition of making offerings to teachers is called dana, which means generosity in the Pali language.

“Sometimes it is only when we are on retreat and our everyday supports and pleasures are removed that we find out what is really keeping us going from day to day.”


"Do I need to be Buddhist to attend?"

You don’t need to be a Buddhist to attend any of our retreats. Most of the retreats assume familiarity with our basic meditation practices, so it’s best if you’ve participated in the Thursday meditation with instruction sessions or one of our introductory courses.

Residential Retreats

Our retreats are known for being friendly and harmonious.  It’s fine to come for just part of a day retreat if that better meets your schedule.

There will be periods of silence on residential retreats, usually overnight through breakfast. While we think all of the activities have value, each person decides how much or little to participate.