Weekly Sangha Night

Sangha Night

Community Practice for All

Find enthusiasm and encouragement
in practicing together.

Practicing Buddhism with others offers a unique opportunity to get to know oneself, learn from each other, and express oneself more deeply through relationship.

Connect from Home or come to the Center

Sangha Night meets online and in person Wednesday evenings at 7:00PM. The “virtual room” online and the Buddhist Center will open at 6:45 pm.¬†

In the Center, masks are encouraged but optional; vaccination is required. 

The evening will include meditation, a Dharma talk, and time for discussion.

Our Practices

Living the Dharma

Living the Dharma

Apply the Buddha’s teachings to everyday life through coming together and discussing the Dharma.



Gain greater awareness, insight, joy and compassion with self-cultivation and community support.


Puja (Devotional Practices)

Symbolically express and intensify deep spiritual feelings through shared ritual action.

This Year's Theme

“There are no higher teachings, only deeper understandings.”

This year we are exploring the fundamental Buddhist teachings in more depth (the Wheel of Life, Spiral Path, Five Jinas, etc.), and exploring ways to keep them alive in our lives.