About Us

The Seattle Buddhist Center is part of an international Buddhist movement known as the Triratna Buddhist Community which aims to make available the teachings and practices of Buddhism in a form accessible to those in the West. The Seattle Center offers a range of activities and resources to further these aims. We are entirely volunteer-run. Please join us for a class or for our regular online Sangha Nights on Wednesday evenings. 

Our Values

Racial Justice Statement

Black lives matter. The Seattle Buddhist Center (SBC) is committed to working to share resources and training, and to take action where we can, towards ending the oppression of Black, Indigenous and People of Color in our own community and around the world. 


Ethical Guidelines

The Seattle Buddhist Center, as part of the Triratna Buddhist Community, aims to support the awakening of the individual in an atmosphere of kindness, safety, and positive spiritual support.

These guidelines are of particular relevance to all those who are engaged in teaching, leading, supporting or administering Buddhist activities at the Center, although we hope and recommend that they are observed by anyone attending the Center as well.


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