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May 1, 2020 – Seattle Buddhist Center is following the guidelines of King County Public Health and will be *cancelling all in-person public events held at the Center thru June 30, 2020.

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All Are Welcome

The Seattle Buddhist Center is part of an international Buddhist movement known as the Triratna Buddhist Community. We are dedicated to communicating Buddhist teachings in a context that is accessible for the modern Western world.

We offer a wide variety of activities using many different approaches to practice. Everyone is encouraged to participate to the degree that they feel comfortable. Although we have a strong and dedicated core membership, our approach is casual and friendly, and we are always happy to see new faces.

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Suggestion from a Sangha Member
One of our members learned that some nurses have started a practice of stopping for a moment at 7 am and/or 7 pm each day to send a silent prayer, thoughts of loving kindness (metta), or whatever form of silent communication resonates, to those who are sick, those who serve the sick, and those of us who are simply trying to find peace in this vast unknown. She said they picked 7am and 7pm because this is when the shift changes among nurses in hospitals typically take place, when they give and receive reports and hand off care. It’s truly awe-inspiring to contemplate the dedication of these nurses, doctors and other front line caregivers, including fire fighters, police and other first responders, under these extraordinarily challenging and dangerous conditions. We welcome you to consider incorporating this solidarity practice into your routine in whatever way feels most supportive.
Weekend retreat online with Bodhipaksa

Saturday and Sunday June 13 and 14, 9am-12pm both days

Following a transformative retreat in April, Bodhipaksa will introduce further radical yet simple approaches to meditation that allow experiences of peace, joy, and calmness to unfold effortlessly within us. These tools are accessible regardless of whether or not you attended his first retreat.

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Weekly online* events

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[email: info@seattlebuddhistcenter.org]

For the time being, our Sangha night will change from Sunday to Wednesday evenings at 7:00PM and will be conducted via Zoom.

The virtual “room” will open at 6:45 pm, and the program will begin at 7 pm.

The evening will include meditation, a Dharma talk, and time for discussion.

Topics for discussion include:

  • 06/03: Finding Wisdom Everywhere – Vairocana’s White Realm, led by Myra
  • 06/10: Meditations on Love – the Brahma Viharas, led by Amaradhi
  • 06/17: Loving Kindness (Metta) – Opening the Heart, led by Khasanti
  • 06/24: Compassion (Karuna) – Meeting Suffering with Kindness, led by Taraprabha

If interested, please click here [email: info@seattlebuddhistcenter.org]  and we’ll send you the Zoom link.

For .pdf handouts, visit Resources.

The Three Jewels of Triratna

Dyana Day Retreat


Buddhism teaches that every human being has the potential to become happier, kinder and wiser – even infinitely so. The Buddha was a human being who, through these teachings, realized the Path to Enlightenment. His teachings are a means by which, through our own efforts, we too can realize our fullest potential.


The Seattle Buddhist Center is a great resource for newcomers to Buddhism. We offer ongoing introductory classes on meditation and Buddhism in a welcoming and casual atmosphere. Our introductory meditation courses are a good place to learn how to meditate, whether you consider yourself a Buddhist or not.

Seattle Buddhist Center Sangha


We invite you to our regular weekly meeting, Sangha Night. This is a time when we come together to meditate, listen to, and discuss the Dharma and how it applies to our own practice, as well as catch up with each other on what is happening in our lives. All are welcome!

“Just as in the great ocean there is but one taste —the taste of salt, so in this Doctrine and Discipline there is but one taste — the taste of freedom.”


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